• Welcome to the world of Shisas

    Okinawa, or "the Okinawa prefecture", is a group of Japanese subtropical islands spreading from southwest of the main Japanese islands to the northeast of Taiwan. These islands are also very close to Korea and China. Before it was definitely united to Japan at the end of the nineteenth century, the Okinawa archipelago was an independent territory named “the Ryukyu Kingdom”. It developed rich and unique traditions.

  • Who are the Shisas ?

    Shisas are the “Guardians of Okinawa”. They are the icons of the Japanese archipelago of Okinawa. “Outdoor” Shisas have a traditional aspect of a mixture between a lion and a dog. They alternately are lucky charms and art pieces.

  • Distinguish the male from the female !

    Shisas are always found in pairs: the male Shisa, always placed on the right side, keeps his mouth opened to ward off evil spirits; the female Shisa, always on the left side, holds her mouth closed to keep happiness in the house.

  • Shisas’ superpowers

    Okinawan people, always mindful to stay away from bad thoughts, place the Shisas on rooftops or on either side of any kind of buildings. Lately, some artists take liberties with the traditional form and give birth to very different Shisas with various shapes, colours and features. They fit interiors and bring joy and happiness.

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